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Cynthia Nassardine is an award-winning actress, a producer and an entrepreneur. She is French-Ivorian-Togolese of Lebanese descent. 

In 2019, she got recognition for her body of work in television performance by winning the very first NISA Award of Best Female Act in a TV series and the ZAFAA of Best Female Performance in a Francophone TV Series. Determined to spread her talent, she appears in the French comedy Welcome to Gondwana (Bienvenue au Gondwana) and played in several successful panafrican tv series such as: African Chronicles (Chroniques Africaines), BLOG, Heels&Sneakers, Tears Of Love (Les larmes de l’amour), 40&Single…etc.

Cynthia Nassardine defines herself as « ARTrepreneure » and social activist. In 2015 she founded GOLDEN LIONESS PRODUCTIONS, her own multimedia production company  in order to create more job opportunities through the West African media industry landscape. 

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